I grew up on Cape Cod where I was taught about the ocean, the beach, the dunes and erosion. Cape Cod is a peninsula that has been shrinking over time due to the erosion of the dunes that line the edges of this small land mass. Erosion can be caused by the oceans tides, wind or human touch, unfortunately these all tend to have negative effects on the preservation of Cape Cod. Although the mass of Cape Cod may be fleeting, I would argue this is an aspect that makes it so precious.

The preciousness is an aspect that I strive to embody in my tablewares, in conjunction with the literal concept of erosion by human touch. I use methods of hand building and wheel throwing to achieve my desired design. I primarily glaze the interior surface to emphasize the divide that occurs at the lip of a vessel, like the edge of the water meeting the shore. Also emphasizing this concept with the use of white porcelain that I erode the surface of with sandpaper to create a hyper smooth surface, similar to the erosion caused by the ebb and flow of the tide.